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cape san juan homeowners association

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Cape San Juan Marina

The present moorage facility of the Cape, located in Fish Creek, began with a small wooden dock installed by the original property owners in the early 1960’s. Around this time, a deal was made with the owner of the row of dolphins located in Fish Creek to lease the area north of the present pier for twenty years in exchange for removal of the dolphins that had been used by local fisherman and fish-buying concerns. These fishermen and buyers continued to use the facilities until 1983. 

In 1991 the moorage facilities were expanded and the old wooden floats were replaced  with concrete floats and finger piers. Water and power were added later. All aquatic lands occupied by the marina facilities are leased from the State of Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR). 

The marina contains 43 individual moorage spaces ranging in size from 20 to 35 feet for a total of 1,300 lineal feet. Location of the marina within Fish Creek together with a wave damper provides adequate protection for year around moorage with the exception of a few slips. Short-term guest moorage is available on a limited basis to Cape San Juan property owners or their guests. 

Marina Assignments

Slips are assigned based on the next person on the waiting list for a specific sized slip (see below). The Adminsrator or Dock Director will contact you when a vacant slip is available and you are next on the waiting list. If you pass on the slip, your name will be moved to the bottom of the list (or removed, at your request.

Before you can occupy a slip, you must provide to the Cape Administrator the following documents:

1) A signed copy of the Cape San Juan Marina Moorage Agreement.pdf

2) A copy of your boat's current registration (boat MUST be registered in the same name as the slip tenant).

3) A copy of your current insurance coverage (see coverage requirements in the Moorage Agreement).

4) You must review and agree to comply with all rules and bylaws as stated in the Cape San Juan HOA Bylaws.

Marina Moorage Waiting List

If you're a current homeowner or lot owner at Cape San Juan and would like to add your name to the waiting list, contact the Cape Administrator.  If you're a renter, you may add your name to the waiting list, but homeowners and lot owners will have priority.  Please be aware that any boats in rental moorage slips must be registered to the homeowner or lot owner assigned to the slip.

Because of the limited space and high demand at our marina, it is important to maximize safety considerations and the efficiency of space. When considering slip assignments, the Marina Director will determine the best size slip for your boat (i.e. slips will not be assigned to boats that are undersized or oversized for the available space). 

Guest Moorage

NOTE: Guest Slips are unavailable between 10/1 and 4/30.

There are guest moorage spaces available to Cape members and their guests. Guest moorage is available between April 1 and October 31st each year.  To reserve a slip, advance notice must be given by  contacting the Cape Administrator

IMPORTANT - Before occupying a slip, residents must provide the Cape Administrator:

1) Guest boat description (including type, name, and size/length over all)

2) Copy of the current insurance policy declaration page, and

3) Proof of current boat registration

To allow for availability to all residents, reservations are limited to  up to 4 consecutive days monthly and 1 holiday weekend per season.  As with other amenities, residents are responsible for ensuring their guests comply with all rules and bylaws.

About us

We are a homeowners association established to manage and maintain the Cape San Juan neighborhood on San Juan Island in WA state.

Contact us

Cape San Juan Homeowners Association

P.O. Box 1825

Friday Harbor, WA 98250


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